Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

Welcome to Miami

Miami I’ve just spent several days in Miami and, wow, the women are fine! No surpise. Usually I don’t pay much attention but, for some reason, they were everywhere. I stand by my statement in my books that black women and Latin women are the finest women on the planet, but…..DAMN these Latin girl’s clothes are so damn tight!!!! At first it’s attractive, then, after a while, you wonder why they try so hard to be noticed when they already look so good. Black women as well. For reason, both black and Latin women fail to realize they already were blessed with killer bodies, and that they don’t need to take it to the extreme that they do. After a while, you don’t even feel bad about staring.

The thing that blows me away is, sometimes the girls were so young that you have to wonder about the parental figures. Remember when you never saw a fine ass preteen? They were just kids. Dressed normal, and played with dolls. Now they dress just as provocatively ass the adult women, with no clue of the signal they are sending.

All I know is, R.Kelly should be banded from Miami and surrounding because, the culture down here is show-it-all, no matter the age, or who is looking.

The brief stroll through South Beach showed me that, again, many of those women are fine, but more like strippers or a hot piece of ass rather than potential mates or wives. What makes a woman walk half-naked in high heels and a bikini,on a sidewalk, a half mile from any water screams of “Hey look at me!” Now, i would never kick ém off the couch, but when you are already blessed with the bodies these Cuban, Puerto Rican and other women down here have, what sense does it make to go to the extreme they do to expose so much skin and exaggerate so many features….. when they are already fine?