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Vick’s Paper Rub

That’s right, quartback Marcus Vick (brother of famed Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick) has proven to not be worthy the money they will pay him, and also has got himself in some hot water as of late. Now, a girl the he formely allegedly had a sexual relationship with when she was only 15 is now sueing the fool for over 6 million in damages–at age 17. Even R.Kelly is laughing at this one!

Of course, the claim is B/S and she is only out for money, but what can you do when you most likely did the crap? This is strictly about money! This is the same girl he had been caught with in college, of which he was tossed out for stomping on another players leg and getting caught with a firearm after an incident at, i believe, the golden arches.

Now his troubles seem to be mounting because, with this allegation hanging over his head, how can he continue to focus on his job now?

Do I have an unbiased opinion of the entire fiasco? No. I can’t help but to be biased on this. If the girl was knowlegeable enough to hook up with college-aged quarterbacks with potential for riches, why would she claim mental anguish or anything else after he goes pro? Why not the week it happened, when he was eating Oodles-n-noodles and had nothing? They alway wait to see if the fool goes pro, and for some reason, these fools never figure it out!

The girl is a gold digger, no doubt. And, watching the guy who used to mount you under the bleachers on television after he promised you so much has to hurt. Sure, he had to manipulate her to some degree, but not enough to warrant millions! No p*ssy is worth millions! Just ask Kobe!

The bottom like with Vick having his paper rubbed is this: If he never went pro, then, ended up a janitor, would there even be a lawsuit? Would she be suing Joe 9-to-5 for 6-plus million, or is this just about because he used to drill her and now doesn’t call or return her phone calls? It’s amazing what some will do once they realize you have moved on or actually could do better. How many will try to tear you down, simply because they see no other way up.

Every guy can’t be framed, nor is every girl lying. But, in this case, something smells fishy. Which, might be the reason he’s no longer calling her. It’s a setup, pure and simple. But, once he counters her suit with a defamation suit, she can cancel Christmas!

Don’t say anything, hire a good attorney, and a private eye, it will all be over soon. She won’t get any money unless he pays her off to go away. But, if he does, he’s a bigger fool than Terrell Owens, and that’s pretty hard to top right now.