Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

Donald Trump Donald Trump won the argument, in my opinion, when he said, “If Rosie keeps it up, I’ll send one of my girls down there to take her woman.” That was classic stand-up comedy “Thank you, and, …Goodnight!” material! But, ……he didn’t leave the stage! As a comedian, you leave once you hit a note that high! It’s over. You can’t top it! You walk!

Now, I do feel that Trump took what Rosie said a little too personal. So what, if he ever did go bankrupt, you’re Donald-Freakin’-Trump! Much of what he said about Rosie is true, but so are many of the things she said about him. He should have taken the prize of outwitting a (average, at best) comedian and exited the stage.

The problem I have with the whole deal is Rosie was right about the drunk, slutty, pageant chick! She should not have gotten a second chance, since Vanessa Williams never did. Though, of course, Donald did not own the pageant back then, the double-standard is crystal clear.

Now this triflin’ heifer is considering a “tasteful” leg-spreading offer from Playboy magazine. That falls right into what I have said in both books. Men are not responsible for the decline in respect for women. Especially, overly attractive women who slut their way into success…and still ruin it! Which proves she wasn’t *isht to begin with!

Why give this loser a second chance, only to be slapped in the face with her contemplating a nude photo spread? Not only does this prove beauty is skin-deep, but it also shows that those pageants pay nothing! It’s a platform for beautiful idiots to outdo each other for bragging right of, well, nothing. Sure, they all want world piece, and families for orphans, but who doesn’t? I don’t need an attractive bimbo to tell me that! They aren’t the spokespersons for anyone but imbeciles who still rely on their looks for personal gain. Which, of course, this tramp failed.

If you are considering spreading your love for the world to see after being crowned the most beautiful anything, that speaks volumes about women who look that good and have shit thrown at them simply because of it end up as strippers and porn stars! They have nothing going on unless they are horizontal!