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The Recap

  • Mother in Scottsdale, Arizona, leaves her baby in the car to go shopping at an upscale shopping establishment, but….BUT… leaves her baby in the car and takes the dog inside with her. Did you hear me? She took the dog inside! The baby? Sleep in the backseat of a hot-ass automobile!!!! An parking attendant, whom she told to watch the car for her because there was, in fact, a child asleep inside, called the police on her. Duh!!!!

  • Anna Nicole Smith is not paying her rent in the Bahamas, doesn’t know who the father of her baby is, and won’t let Maury Povich or anyone else give her a simple DNA cheek swab to figure who the father is. Could this be because she still hasn’t cashed the check from her settlement with the billionaire old tycoon she married? Could she be worried about having to pay child support should she lose custody of the child to a deadbeat? Of course! This is playing out exactly like the wide-nostriled women on talk shows claim men do to them. Won’t show up, won’t claim it.

Anna Nichoe Smiff has lost her mind!!! Her son is dead, another child is born, she doesn’t have a clue her fuel injected her, and the media is somewhat hard on her. A little. Maybe they might find three different DNA’s in her panties, too. Maybe Anna Nichoe was on the Duke campus that night? Triflin’, nonetheless!

  • Now, some idiot mother fed her baby Vodka (Vohkka) and baby formula in Colorado because she didn’t know it was Vohhhka! She said it was in a clear, plastic bottled water container, so she just mixed it up and fed the baby. The baby’s alcohol level was on some drunk driving sh*t! Somethin’ -point-something!!!!

For once, ole’ Wizard of OZ haircut-havin’ Nancy Grace has stepped up to the plate. Fake tears, false concern and everything. I know , Nancy! I know! Men these days!!!!

*Are you telling me that a mother of 4 has microwaved her baby in Dayton, Ohio? Say it ain’t so! That is some unforgivable shit right there!!! Adoption, birth control? No, she put the baby in the damn microwave! And only the Scarescow (Nancy Grace) seems to be covering this at all. 3 kids from previous relationships with, most likely, questionable, Terry MacMillan-type men, and now a newborn by a fresh loser. Took them a while to assume that she did it, but they finally took her Whitney Houston-Brown looking ass into custody!

*That’s right, Britney Spears wasn’t wearing any panties! Old news, and I’ve already blogged about it, but, this doesn’t put another chink in the armor of the women claiming men do not respect women, or no longer value “thine woman”? A flock of panty-withouters, and it is slowly being swept under the rug. Hmmm?

  • Yep, Nicole Richie don’ went straight up and to the left this time. 5′ 2″, 85 lbs (no eating disorder, just normally a size 0) was caught driving under the influence. But, not with a few sex on the beach drinks in her system…she has The -V and weed in her system! Pain pills and weed? Both? Who’s her dealer? That’s like a diet pill and a sandwich! You know Lio-nell is dancin’ on the mickey-fickey ceiling for real now! Ole horse jaws is hoppin’ mad! “I told you to stop hoe’n, I got a new album out! You want me back with the Commodores? Spacesuits and shit? THem boots hurt my damn feet!!!!”