Darrell Joyce

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Does anyone else not give a crap about these slutty cheerleaders in Dallas? How much news coverage are they going to get? You mean to tell me that no innocent, sweet little girl hasn’t been abducted in the time these sluts ran loose in a school no one else in America gives two craps about? There is nothing more pertinent than the cries of the useless school teachers who could not discipline these ill-parented sluts? Enough!

Okay, one more thing. Nothing these girls are doing is newsworthy, let alone, new. Girls that age who come from money or privilege are always sluts. No different than the preacher’s daughter! It isn’t news! Besides, who do you think has the most abortions, and screws the most in college? Boys like them, they took it to the head, and now they think theirs doesn’t stink. Duh!

The prettiest, loudest, least dressed female is never, and never will be wife material, let alone, worth worldwide news coverage! They’re parents sucks, and so do they, but ….where is the surprise in that? Self-absorbed, clueless parents semi-raising promiscuous, conceited little bitches who terrorize a school? That’s in every school! She’s cute, dressed like a slut, best friends with other conceited little sluts who pop their chewing gum and wear NASA-sized sunglasses and hip-huggers, talking on their cell phones in class! That’s most girls of this current parentless generation! Wish them luck as single mothers and move on!