Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

What is the movement?

It's a nationwide tour my team and I have in the works to collectively bring as many “good men” as we can into the fold in order to take back the title of “man” from the women who have foolishly stripped the title from us and given it to hooligans and deadbeats.

It is a collection of keynote speakers, authors, musicians, comedians, the like, all with one goal in mind-social change.

The main focus of The Movement is to arm every man with the ammunition they need to fire back at these female verbal snipers who have nothing good to say about the state of men today – without first looking inside and at their own gender for the underlying cause of their own misery.

It's time for men to man up, show up in number and hear positive reinforcement from men who think, live and carry themselves just as they do, encouraging those who may have been putting off emotional, financial and spiritual growth to put that other foot forward and do it.

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