Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

The Combo Meal

As I’ve written in my second book (Misnformation: The Female-Perpetuated Myths About Men Volume 2), women need to get off this stance of “I am a package deal, and it takes a real man to be with me!” crap.

During a recent conversation with a woman I met in passing, she was taken aback by the my blatant honesty about not dating her because she has kids. She went straight up and to the left on me, but I bit my lip. I just waited for her to finish because i could tell she has used this rebuttal before and had made a few changes and upgrades to her pointless diatribe.

Once she completed her rant, i quietly explained to her that the “package deal” crap only works on minimally intellectual boys, not real men. I told her that i had dated women with kids and, just like women say you are gaining 3, men with big hearts are losing 3. That is something most quick-draw women never consider. If she has two kids whom, over time, the man develops strong feeling for, not to mention, a bond, he stands to lose more than if he had just broken up with a woman with no kids. Again, he lost 3!!!!

There are women in my past, one in particular, who threw the “Well, you ain’t her daddy!” in my face. To which i replied, “”Neither is the daddy!!!!!” Now, breaking up with this particular girl forced me to severe all ties with the little i grew to love to so much. I no longer had to deal with the deadbeat father who was only around to make her life miserable because he saw her with a good man. (Something you can never explain to baby mommas.) Good riddance to him, but all the mentoring i put into that little girl was going to go to waste. She was going to dress like she dressed, and subject her to hours of soap operas and talk show crap, and “Men ain’t no good!” stories, when I had her reading books, working on her schooling, etiquette, everything. I took pride in what we accomplished in those couple of years.

Well, all of that was ripped away from me. I could’ve cared less if i ever saw her mother again, but the mother, in no way, inspired the girl as i did. I was making a difference. Changing her outlook on life, who she was, and what she could become. I was crushed.

So, in the end, the package deal hurt me on far greater a level than the misfits who took good men for granted will ever see. There are men who raised other men’s children from damn near birth to teenagers and beyond, only be torn from these children when the woman decides she wants more, can do better, or you weren’t much of a man to her. It’s just not worth it.

Now, let’s do a little math. You coupled with a woman with multiple children, possibly, by multiple men. You may like one guy, but all of the kids because, well, you’ve molded them. Now you are seperated from their mother, she has a new live-in hoodlum who hates you, yet, you miss the kids. That bond you had. You told yourself and the idiot mother that, even though you two are through, you won’t stop doing for the kids since you are the only positive thing in their lives. They can always call on you if they need you.

Well, ….guess who’s about to ruin all of that! The new fool she allows to move in and erode everything you’ve built to this point. He hates you, plus two of the baby daddies still hate you, a few of their parents hate you, a brother or sibling of hers hates you, and maybe one of the kids hates you because they don’t know the full story or true reasons you left. Look at all those personalities you have to deal with, avoid, or let go off. And, yet and still, all i hear bitter ass women say is, “I’m a package deal!” Well, ….no deal!!!!