Darrell Joyce

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Somebody say, “Hooooooeeee!!!!!”

Let me get this straight, now. So, only those in the media believe the Duke rape is is over? Has been over for some time now? That either of these girls have any credibility left? Pregnant? At almost 10 months to the date she claimed to be raped by several Lacrosse players? Pregnant? After they found no DNA evidence whatsoever to pin anything on these guys, she turns up pregnant, and now, has given birth to a child.

Now, here’s the worst part of it all. A representative from the family has the never to go on national television with an attitude about the media harrassing her. “No comment! I don’t know! You’ll have to axx her dat!” Idjots! Case dismissed! Once they find multiple semens in your panties, and in both cavaties (no the mouth), your chance of winning any case is out the door! Again, Kobe Bryant. Same scenario. Accused of rape, girl has semen from several OTHER men in her drawers, and gets pregnant soon after, before the case is even over. Case closed, my bad, no apology to the men who have had their lives destroyed! Nothing!

But, what do they always talk about at the end the newcast concerning this case? Victim’s rights! For the false accusers! # rich white boys can never have careers after this! Their reputations are ruined!!!! The two strippers will eventually become famous for 15 minutes longer than the last American Idol finalists, and these men are left shamed forever.

There was no proof then, none now, she’s now a baby-momma, and unavailable for questioning. Who is doing more damage for female victims rights here, these women, or men? Can’t blame this one on a man at all. This about low-down, gutter chicks making it hard for the good women. Most of women’s problems stem from women like this crying wolfe with 3 wolves’ semen in the rape kit. So sad!!! But, let’s see if Oprah and the others have her on to hear her side of the story.

I thmell a mythtrial!!!!!!