Darrell Joyce

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Say it isn’t so!!!!!!

Yeah, it is so! A reported case on the news reveals that authorities have caught a man who registered himself on a website called (get this) Millionairematch.com raping the women he meets on there. The site is designed for women to go on to get matched up with a millionaire life partner. The guys have to be millionaires to sign up, but the women can be as broke, misshapen or illiterate as they want to be, but the men must be wealthy. (Leans back scratching chin..)

Well, surprise, surprise, this guy isn’t really a millionaire! But, having great luck meeting countless women stupid enough to believe this site doesn’t come with risks. According to the news story, the man was or posed as a real estate agent with access to million dollar homes and would invite women to his home (wink-wink) and sexually assaulting them. I can’t believe women are still gullible enough to believe everything they read on (Wait! I’ve just put my foot in my own mouth!) the internet, in magazines, and books. “I’m rich, call me.” His screen name was probably RichRapist@Millionairematch.com.

I’m sorry the women got raped, but how can you not assume there is some risk with broke, gold digging women hoping some guys face they click on leads to them quitting their jobs waiting tables or ringing up groceries. What about personal accountability? Let me guess what will happen next. There will be a warning put out for women to be “more careful” when prostituting themselves for money or a life of privilege. “Careful when out there whoring, there are some deceitful men out there!” The media will spin it so the men on this website are less than credible. “These men are predators! How dareth thee!” As though the women who peruse this website have any scruples or credibility at all!

You can’t keep blaming men for what happens to some women. They bring a lot of it on themselves. Common sense was all that these women needed. How do warn the women that the men on this website are lying about who they are? Tell them to avoid the website all together, and to make their own money! Stop hoping some guy who doesn’t need you will sweep you off your aching feet into a lifestyle you will have no concept of how you go into. She knows what got her into the lifestyle, (sex) but what he does or how he maintains it completely escapes her. Clueless!