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Mount Stupit

Mount Stupit Time for bored white men to find a new sport because, this climbing to the top of steep, cold shit has to end! Either take two cell phone batteries with you, or stay your asses at sea level!!!!

We can’t keep rescuing everybody! You gotta let some people….go. The father trying to save his family was heroic. The fools planning a trip above the clouds without an assigned seat or frequent flier miles need to be remembered, not rescued.

Let’s be honest, this crap costs millions of taxpayer dollars! Non-mountain climbin’ taxpayer dollars! They need to start leavin’ notes on the refrigerator or something. “Going mountain climbing, and subzeor temperatures, for no apparent reason. Might be home, might die. Love, The Chipster!”

Not sound all B.E.T’s comic viewish, but that doesn’t happen to nonwhite folk. Look, if my car won’t start, y’all might not see me for days! Hiking? Up a mountain? Where’s Summer Mountain, where, if you get lost, you just sweat a little bit until somebody finds you? Noooooo!!!! White guys have it make it hard on everybody. “We could play a game of two-on-two. Oooorrrrrrr, (turns and points) see the top of that mountain? Me neither! We should go up there. No, just wear a jacket, we’ll be fine.” Stop it!

This is probably the most asinine thing i’ve said in a while, but they need to ban this mountain climbin’ crap!!!! It’s stupid, pointless, and laughable, in the end. Don’t go where nobody wants to come if you get lost or injured!!!!