Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author


Hollywood I’m tired of hearing women say Hollywood or society wants them to be thin when their men just don’t want them to get too much bigger. Women have eating disorders because of other women, not what men tell them they need to weigh. We aren’t picking out the slutty outfits with the midsection missing, or the skintight, low-rise jeans, women are!

Realistically, the men who love their wives for who they are can’t convince their wives to stop starving themselves, only the men with wives who put no effort into staying in decent shape want their wives to lose weight. There is a difference, and Hollywood refuses to address it because they know the real reason women are dying to be thin is to fit into the fashion trends that straight women and gay men push on them. Their husbands just don’t want to see their gut hanging down to their laps or their asses dragging the ground. Women are the ones who take it to the extreme because of what they’ve seen and would like to fit into. If they would just not get any fatter, problem solved!

Bottom line: women have eating disorders because they want unrealistic careers and to fit into clothes that, most often, make them look like sluts anyway. If they would just dress normally and with class, they wouldn’t have to drop 15 pounds to walk in public or down the red carpet.

If women want to be models, where in that do they assume it’s wrong to ask them to maintain a specific weight? When men want to become body builders, we know we have to eat 6 meals per day, choke down chalky protein shakes and lift abnormal amounts of weight. We know that going in! No man is ever eating or working out enough when he decides to become a body builder, athlete, etc. None! Someone has to teach us how and when to eat, what and when to lift, and you don’t hear us complaining because we know we did it for the money and the fame. Women, on the other hand, dream of being models, which, have always been skinny! So, if you’re naturally 5’ 11 and 130, become a model. If no woman in your family has ever weighed less than 200, where is the logic in believing you don’t have to do something extreme to get down to model weight?

Women don’t have a eating disorder, they have a listening disorder. They never listen to who are important to them when it comes to controlling their weight. They ignore their mothers and fathers, could care less what their husbands think, even what their doctors tell them. It only matter what society and magazines tell them they should believe. But, if you can simply write something in a magazine and women believe it, that is proof they only hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe from the blind leading the blind.

And they say men only hear what they want to hear. What about this? I’ve told ex girlfriends, “Listen, you aren’t fat! You honestly don’t have the body for what you are trying to wear. But, but….BUT… I hate what you are trying to wear anyway! Just dress normal.” What do I get in return? “But, everybody is wearing this. Revealing your midsection and low-rise jeans are in now.” They never figure out that they aren’t dating the media or society, they are dating you. Therefore, it only matters what you think.

Men are nothing like this. Boys and immature assholes are, but real men dress for success, not impress clueless women who will be the reason they no longer have success. I think for myself. When pink for men became popular, I didn’t even blink! Only fools who felt it was necessary to show they weren’t afraid to wear pink thought that was cool. The rest of us where thinking, “Not happening!” Idiots sag their pants, when, it has NEVER crossed my mind! Ever! Plus, I know that walking into a job interview with cornrows and oversized pants are going to hurt my chances. Sure, I see millions of guys doing that, but what future do they really have? And, look at who they are dating—the women in the above paragraphs. Ignorance attracts ignorance!

In closing, it isn’t the media’s fault that boys and immature men sag their pants, or grow those hideous cornrows, and it isn’t the media’s fault that 9 year old girls are dressed like street walkers, or dying to be thin. It’s a parental failure or lack of brain power on the child or young adults fault!