Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

Don’t even get me started on him!!!!!


No, really, get started! Explain how the man you have kids by gets a free pass from taking care of his responsibility. That’s all men have to do if we don’t want to claim it or pay child support? Make you hate us this much? Don’t show up for the birth, don’t care what you name it, stand firm that it doesn’t look like us? That’s it, then I am on the Do not call list?

Women, you need to make up your minds because, the men out here who haven’t knocked anybody up are confused. Is it wrong to avoid women with children? We’re doing more harm by being honest than the guy who abandoned you? You’re more upset that I can openly state I don’t want a woman with kids, but I cannot bring up the fool you had yours by? He’s off the hook, but I’ve got some nerve? According to you, it’s “Good riddance!” when, the guy trying to get to know you has to jump through far more hoops than the fool you now have reduced to a pseudonym, “Sperm donor!” ever has. Seriously? You’re glad he’s gone? Yeah, right!

Still, I am tired of meeting chicks with kids who don’t want the father’s name brought up..EVER! He couldn’t have suddenly been this much of an a-hole! There is no way! That’s why, I believe, their bitterness towards him didn’t come until after they’ve squeezed out a few look-a-likes, and now despise him so much that they’ve take on the overly used female clique, “I don’t need him. I’ll raise this baby on my own!” As if they had a choice.

It used to be that you’d hear one or two girls a year saying this. Now, it seems like a majority of the women with illegitimate kids hate the father, but dated these men long enough to pop out 2 or 3. Of the divorced women, not so much. But, with these single, never married baby mommas, the hatred seems to consume their very existence. “He’s tall for his age. Is his fath—? “(Screeeeeech!) Do-not-go there, okay! Do-not bring his name up to me!” “I don’t even know his name…….! What’s his name?” (Running away, ducking for cover.)

We don’t know this going in. You’ve just met her, you’re asking some important questions, the topic of kids comes up, she loses her mind! These women get upset, wanting you to drop the subject all together. How were you supposed to know? Is it still wrong for men to say they want nothing to do with ready-made families when this is what many of us are constantly running into? She doesn’t want to discuss Tyrone, doesn’t know or care where he is, or if he even calls, but you’d better come correct if you think you’re going to get her number, or take her out. As though you haven’t changed your mind already.

Bet money that, if she meets a straight-laced, down-to-earth fool with a verifiable income willing to marry her, she’ll take him to cleaners if she pops one out by him. He may owe child support for both of them if he married her in certain states. Gerbers and diapers for both kids, and she wants him to pay for both, since she can’t seem to locate Tyrone! Hell, some states punish the fool who married into that drama far more than the fool she cannot or, according to her, does not care to locate for support. But, “..don’t get me started on him!” Nah, I’d prefer you start.