Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

##Chatter.. Chatter Here’s what most men want to know. Where are these men that so many women believe represent all men? Every magazine article, book, discussion group has the same crap going about men and having to take drastic measures if they ever want a “real” man. “They’re all gay, dead, living with their mommas, or in prison!” “I’mo have to find me a white man, if this keeps up!” “I’mo end up movin’ to Atlanta!” “Child, these men these days don’t wanna do right!” Then do that, because, the white girls are complaining right along with you. Move there, you can’t even afford where you live now! And, of course, you’re so wrong! Gay men are you best friends, the dead ones were bad boys and probably left a few kids behinds, the ones living at home drive trick-out SUVs and….and, still get women! And, lastly, the men in jail have women waiting on them when they get out! All good ones, girls! Good ones! Now, do you wanna hear our list? It’s gotten to a point with this “No good men!” claim that we are going to start needing from proof from you, ladies. If all men cheat, lie, rob and steal, or abandon their children, and the women are all innocent victims having no hand in these relationships whatsoever, we’re going to need proof beyond a reasonable doubt to even hear your case. What am I asking for? For the women to back their gripes with proof they were duped, mislead, lied to, and never, ever, ever saw it coming. He was a chameleon, lead a double-life! He told you one thing, and did another! Something was fishy about him all along, you just couldn’t put your finger on it! That way, when you end up on the panel of a talk show spewing your venom about the quality of men, when you’ve got several little’ns by a few of them, we can stand up and yell OBJECTION! Tell you what. I’ll make it easy for you, ladies. Show us a picture of the guy you’re describing. In fact, let’s see photos of all these men you’ve dated before we render our verdicts. I am willing to bet that, if these women crying about the shortage of good men were to show us all photos of these men, along with a written report on job history, criminal records, etc, we could prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they had no business with them in the first place. Next, we’ll call their mommas to the witness stand to see if momma ever told them not to mess with that fool. Chances are, she did. So, the basis for writing these two books is simple: Before you pop off at the mouth about the state of men today, look, first, at yourselves and your choices before you try to pin all these problems on men in general. It’s the men you’ve chosen that has your vision cloudy. So, if you sucked at choosing the fathers of your children, how is your perception of a man ready for commitment even admissible in your court of flaws?