Darrell Joyce

Comedian - Speaker - Author

Case dismissed!!!!

Right here is a case where, if these 30-plus boys did anything wrong, they are going to be exonerated simply based off the character and credibility of the plaintiffs’. Even if these boys did anything remotely classifiable as rape, the hoodrat Kim Roberts has destroyed any chance of a guilty verdict, let alone, this case going to trial.

The worst part is, the prosecutors didn’t even interview the accusers, or take the accused alibis seriously. Just string them up until we can figure out if these girls are lying? Nobody condones rape, but this lends credibility to those who say some put themselves into the positions they often find themselves in, only to blame others for the outcome. You’ve got two strippers preparing to do Lord knows what for a few hundred bucks apiece, then crying rape, and not even having their stories straight. Which, if you really were raped, there is no story to “get straight”; you just tell what happened. Case closed!

But…., there are so many holes and contradictions in both girls stories that an amateur attorney could adequately defend these three boys. They could defend themselves! It’s obvious these two girls hate each other (Surprised?), and they simply have it out for each other. Two women in competition with each other suddenly turning on one another? Say it isn’t so? Just like in Volume 1 of my books, women hate women far more than men could ever hate them. Kim Roberts (stripper number 2) proved that. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut, go for the ride, and move on with your life. But, noooooooo!

Stripper number 2 sought out a publicist to try and spin this story into cash—proving this whole thing was about revenge and money! Somebody copped a feel, actually had sex and didn’t pay, or disrespected these girls after the fact, plus, didn’t pay. From that, they cry rape. It’s not different than when your fat, ugly boss hits on you, versus the cute guy who owns the company. Which one do you think offended her with the offer of sex? No bruises, no semen, no sweat, hair, clothing fibers, DNA of any kind, nothing! Nothing! Three men’s lives ruined until we can decide if these two girls are lying or not! The same thing that happened in the Natalie Holloway case, only, those fools were smart enough to keep their traps shut! These two jealous strippers are cutting each other’s throat by the day.

Here is the sad part. (Yes, I will say something positive for once.) Now, thanks to this strip-o-gram gone wrong, women who are actually raped will, once again, think twice about coming forward about it. All because two girls who most likely were never raped, just shortchanged on the cash, claimed one of the most heinous things you could ever do to a woman happened, when it never did. Can you blame anyone who loses a little compassion for the next set of strippers who cry rape? Will men still used as scapegoats for skepticism in sexual assault cases, be it celebrity, average Joe, or not? The next time any woman with a questionable background cries rape, will it fall on deaf ears? Once again, you have clueless women destroying what the women before them fought so hard to create, simply from being naïve, or, dare I say it, just plain stooopit!

I expect at least of these girls to come out with a tell-all book describing in great detail what time will reveal, never really happened. The three boys? As with every other man dragged through the mud, …nothing. No apology, no possibly way of restoring their reputations. Any aspirations for public office is now dead in the water. They may as well drop out of college and become bakers or a valet, because who can build a career after having this hung over your head for nearly a year? Who cares what happens to these boys, should they be found innocent, but, those poor, poor girls with their questionable accusation. Poor things.