Darrell Joyce

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Britney’s Peers?

Britney’s Peers My mother used to say “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” Something the Britney Spear’s of the world seem clueless about. With friends like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, how else is anyone supposed to percieve you? If you aren’t a slut or a whore, why are you surrounded by, represented by, and ultimately, taken down by hoes? All of your friends have hoe tendencies, but you assume the world is wrong to judge you for what has rubbed off onto you? C’mon girls, this goes beyond talk show *ish!

This is the problem plaguing the women who claim “good” men do no exist, or cry about not having one. None of your friends are happy, your momma wasn’t happy, you aren’t happy, but a good man is supposed to find you, marry you, and allow these whorish creatures to remain in the picture? A good man will not allow this! This is why women like this force their men to choose between the relationship and her friends, and the man chooses to let her go. If you can’t educate your woman on her friends, what good will it do to keep her around with these idiots in her ear about not being able to have any “fun” when “fun” is the reason these girls have the reputation and the setbacks in thier lives that they have. They refuse to allow anyone who doesn’t see the point in how they dress or carry themselves to edify them, and this is the outcome, always.

Even though Britney always have a bad rep’, this no-panties thing just solidifies any rumors already out there. Plus, how she assumed the fool who left his girlfriend whom was pregnant at the time he started dating Britney was going to be a decent father to her children, when he left a woman high and dry with two proves that women cause their own misery with the men they choose, and the flaws they overlook just to say they have a man. When K-Fed was never even a man to begin with. He isn’t even sure if he’s white trash or a black homeboy. He’s another Justin Timberlake with less money and no woman.

I don’t feel back for Britney, Paris, Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie. They were all born into money, given pointless careers, and all they did was turn themselves into simulated hookers. I suppose it’s all some man’s fault, and these women are innocent victims of society? This is all spelled out in the books. It is a shame, but do we really care? Do!