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50 cent vs. Oprah

50 cent Of course, i am going to weigh-in on the new Rappers vs. Oprah hype. Do I feel that 50 cent was wrong for what he said about Oprah? Yes and no. Yes, he was right (in a sense) but wrong for how he went about it. Though spoken quite articulately, he should have used his poeple to get to her people and tried a diplomatic approach first. Not saying he didn´t do that, but, if it were me, i would have made an attempt to check her in private before going straight public like he did.

NOW!!!!! Is what she said untrue? No! His anger comes from Oprah doing exactly what he accused her off–abandoning her roots. This is not some “be true to your hood” ghetto creed here. What 50 and other rappers are talking about is her being for and about black women on her rise to the top, and seemingly only spotlighting white authors, gay interior decoraters, and propping someone like Dr. Phil up, making millionairs out of all of these white people, and no black authors or artist seem to get on unless they are embroiled in scandal.

Now, from Oprah´s point of view, why would should have on anyone who makes a living off calling women bitches and hoes? If the show is about empowerment, where does this topic fit without her having something to say about it, or throwing a cold shoulder like she did with Ludacris. If those didn´t rap about women in the manner they often do, she probably would have a few of them on. You can´t get mad at T.D Jakes for not having Jay-Z on, when you look at what his music and career is all about. Sure it is an image, and most of these rappers are actually family men, but therein lies the rub. What side does Oprah take if she is for women, but being pressured to spolight someone who´s entire image is anti-woman?

Hell yeah, i think her show caters to middle and upper-class white women. I wrote about it in the Volume 2 of my books. Black women are so quick to say “But, Oprah said…!” when Oprah only has some rich white celebrity on for an hour, or some up-and-coming gay white author on, but never any issues that black women can relate to. $1000 watches, $600 shoes, chocolate for $200 an ounces. Those are her favorite things because she gets paid to plug them. Now, as a black man, we have to hear from our women why they cant have a $900 handbag or some $600 shoes like she saw on Oprah.

In that sense, she has rich white women´s backs because, the women we deal with in our everyday lives cannot afford the crap she pushes on her show. Plastic surgery is not a black problem, neither is how to redecorate a mansion. She´s gotten away from help all women, and seems to cater only to women who can afford the products she peddles for them.

Ive done a few television shows, and the first thing they tell you before you go on that set is “We have our paid sponsors, and they advertise between breaks. That´s how we make our money. Do not wear anything that can be percieved as a product endorsement´. Don´t mention a store, brand, or anything from any company who doesn´t pay us for the airtime.” When i taped comedy central, they were sending comics out to buy plain shirts with no names and putting tape over logos. That said, how does Oprah get away with plugging all of these shoe lines, clothing lines, etc, if she isn´t getting paid for it? You can´t drop names like that for designers on major networks and give free advertising like that. This isn´t the red-carpet events where they ask who made your dress or tux, this is prime time television.

Now, does she endorse black products, black authors, black up and coming musicians, black interior designers? No! Is it her job too? No. Should she? Yup!

50 was right about what he said, just wrong about how he approached it. But, even if you shoot the messenger, the message still stands.